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1. Peter Oloo Aringo
  Arrest Warrant: Violation of court orders of child support/Maintenence
5: blows chunks (444 votes)
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He has gone to court on a Notice of Motion dated 17th of October 2008, Civil Appeal No. 19 of 2006 to seek his arrest warrant given by the Nairobi Children's Court on a maintenance case No. 338 of 2005 for default of payment be discharged on grounds that he is broke and depends on his wife for sustenance, mwafrica gani huyu. Ama he is long lilo, that is to say in luo empty trouser. Shame, with all he looted and gave MPs 1.5 m salary. And he has a 100 thousands Kenya shillings monthly pension, yet he refuses to pay 45 thousand per month for the 6 year old kid, the same way he denied being the father until a paternity test confirmed he had 99.9998 percent gentic makeup of the kid. Shame, flush in the loo!!!!!
  Tuesday, March 03, 09:31 2009 GMT
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