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How to tell when they're lying: their lips move

Whether it's presidents, ministers, governors or members of cabinet, congress, parliament or senate, there's one easy way to tell when politicians are lying: their lips move. It's astounding how the model citizens we "choose" for office manage to make such incredible fools of themselves in public.

You will need one of these This website showcases the absolute worst of the worst. We invite you to check out our Recently Added list or our Hall of Shame—if you dare. All the frightful politicians listed here were contributed by our readers. We encourage you to vote the absolute worst politicians to the top of the list!

We also invite you to tell us about some of the awful politicians that you've been forced to endure. Add your own politicians today—it's free and completely anonymous (we don't even ask you for a name, login, email, or userid). We can all suffer together!

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